Terms & Condition

Villa SimVid – Rules for Guests and Visitors
House rules are provided at the property to ensure that guests and visitors know and comply with the specific rules governing their permission to enter and occupy the property.

General requirements
Guests and visitors must comply with all house rules, by-laws and instructions from the manager and security services during their stay; and guests must notify the manager of any disputes or complaints from neighbours as soon as is practicable.

Property Registration
The property is registered as tourist property in the Junta d Andalucía under reference VFT/MA/1499.

It is also registered with the Policy under reference H29681AAVG8.

Check In / Check Out

  • Check In time: 4:00 pm
  • Check Out time: 10:00 am

For late check out we advise you to notify us in advance in writing for extra time. We will do our best to accommodate you for the extra time you need however please note this is subject to availability. Otherwise, there will be a late check out fee.

A maximum number of 8 guests, including children can stay at the property at any time.

Visitors not staying at the property are permitted, but guests are responsible for ensuring that visitors comply with these house rules. The maximum number of people permitted at the property must not exceed a maximum number of 12 adults at any point in time.

Guests and visitors must not create noise which is offensive to occupiers of neighbouring properties at all times throughout the occupancy; especially between 8pm – 8am and during arrival and departure.  Offensive noise is prohibited and may result in termination of permission to occupy the house. Visitors must not engage in anti-social behaviour.

Parties and Celebrations
The property is situated within a residential community with other families. The property must not be used for any gathering, celebration or entertainment event. Guests and visitors must be respectful of the neighbours and ensure they are not disturbed.

Patio and Garden
Guests and visitors must not make noise or play loud music in the patio or garden area so as not to disturb neighbours. Clothes or towels should not be hung to dry in the garden or on the rails.

Kitchen Courtyard
There is a clothes rail in the courtyard outside the kitchen that can be used for drying clothes. The cupboards in the courtyard belong to the owners and should not be touched.

One vehicle may be parked in front of the property, as long as access for other vehicles coming to and from the property is not impeded. Guests may also use one of the parking spaces 8 or 9 in the underground garage, whichever is free.

Whenever leaving the property, close all windows and lock doors to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage. Ensure a set of keys is kept with you for re-entry.

Pedestrian Exit and Entry
The pedestrian gate should be used for entry and exit when on foot rather than the sliding gate which is meant for vehicles only to preserve the motor on the heavy mechanical gates. See map of development below.

Rubbish should be disposed of in the main rubbish bins by the garage entrance. See map of development below.

Map of Development

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool must not be used between the hours of 10.00pm and 7.00am. Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times and we would request guests shower before using the pool for hygiene reasons. No food, drink or glassware is permitted in the pool area. Children are only allowed in the pool when there is one adult for every two children using the pool. Jumping from the steps or the upper ledgers to the pool is strictly forbidden.

Sun Loungers and Swimming Pool Lawn
A few sun loungers are available for use by guests however a maximum of 2 should be used if other guests are using the pool. Guests must not leave any rubbish in the lawn area and look after their personal belongings. No belongings should be left unattended.

Smoking is not permitted indoors.

Pets are not permitted at this property.

Damages and breakages
Damages and breakages must be reported to the manager.

Emergency Contact
In the event of an emergency relating to the property please call the property managing agents Homecareontheweb on (+34) 600 450 930.


  • Breach of these house rules is a breach of the terms and conditions of occupancy.
  • The owner and manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the property, guests or visitors who refuse to follow these house rules or who cause a nuisance.


  • If keys or fobs are lost, the replacement charge is £70.
  • If any re-paint work is needed there will be a minimum charge of £80; the maximum charge will depend on the cost of the remedial works.
  • Damage to the wooden floor or carpet will be charged depending on the cost of repair.
  • Any damage that may occur to the property during your stay must be notified to the Manager in advance of the check-out. This is so that you will be charged accurately; otherwise, you will have to cover the full cost of the damage.

Cancellation Policy:
0 -7 days prior to arrival 0% refund
8 – 30 days prior to arrival 50% refund
31 + days full refund